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The Math Challenge Tournament is a National Mathematics tournament providing a valuable and fun opportunity for our young students to show case their skills in a variety of math topics. The questions are carefully designed with two focuses: math fundamentals and problem-solving skills.  



Tournament Date: December 5th 2019

Location: The Commons, Ella Baker Elementary


  • 6:45-7:15pm - CHECK-IN (will be done by LAST NAME (A-I, J-Q, R-Z))
  • 7:15pm - Instructions and Opening Remarks
  • 7:30pm - Mental Math (15 minutes)
  • 8:00pm - Problem Solving (40 minutes)
  • 8:45pm - End of Tournament; students will be released to parents



Tournament tests are completed in a traditional way using paper answer sheet and pencil. Tests will then be scanned in and scores will be generated by computers. Please make sure your students are comfortable with "bubbling" in the answers. Please read the Tournament Guidelines.

What to Bring: Pencils, Erasers, Water Bottle, a Book to read (in case student finishes early)

Mental Math Challenge (15 minutes): Students will be presented with 40 problems to be solved "mentally". Because of the emphasis on speed and accuracy, students are given only 15 minutes to answer as many of the 40 problems as they can. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. Maximum Mental Math score is 80.

Problem-Solving Challenge (40 minutes): Students will be presented with 20 problems to solve. The first 8 questions are worth 5 points each, the next 7 questions are intermediate and worth 7 points each, and the last 5 questions are harder and worth 10 points each. During this round, participants will be given scratch paper to do any calculations they need to reach their final answers. Maximum Problem-Solving score is 139 points. 

Results: The Mental Math and Problem-Solving scores will be added together to determine individual awards for a maximum of 219 points. All results will be announced and posted on the last week of January 2020. Invitation to Math Challenge Masters will be sent out after results are posted. All awards will be available for pick-up by early February 2020.



Please do a practice run with your student if you have not done so already.



We have your phone number in our records (that you submitted during registration). We will use this in case of an emergency. Please double-check your phone number during check-in.



Please contact