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PTSA is excited to work with Studio East

to produce Ella Baker's *first* theater production





Acting Roles (1st-5th graders) - Vendor has approved allowing 1st and 2nd graders to participate; however, parents must agree that their child can handle the long rehearsals, expected behavior, performances and line memorization needed to participate. Last Day to Register: March 1. Enrichment Fee: $225/participant

Stage Manager (1 position for 4th/5th grader) - Example of Duties: Taking notes of when/where actors enter/exit stage; Helping actors with lines once actors are off-book; Keeping lists of props and when/where they are needed. Stage Managers would likely attend every rehearsal. Last Day to Register: March 11. Enrichment Fee: $175/participant

Stage Crew (2-3 positions for 3rd-5th graders) - Example of Duties: Moving/Setting-up props, Moving/changing sets; Assisting with lights/sound. Probably not needed until mid-April. Last Day to Register: April 12. Enrichment Fee: $50/participant




Important Dates

Parent Meeting: March 2nd, 7pm STEAM Lab

Audition: March 9th and 10th

Rehearsal: March 11 thru April 22. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday 4-6pm, Wednesdays 2:30-5:30pm

Performance: April 23rd and 24th, 7pm




Q: How do auditions work?
A: Every director is different, but typically you will sign your child up in an audition time slot with a number of other kids.  Each child will come with a prepared monologue which they will perform in front of the director team, and then may be taught as a group a song and/or dance and be asked to perform it.  More information will be provided at the parent meeting.

Q: Can my child participate in the play even if she has other commitments?
A: Yes, you just need to put down your child's commitments (days and times) on the audition form so that the director can cast your child accordingly as well as try to create a rehearsal schedule that would be most conducive to all the actors with conflicts.  Please keep in mind that this is an intense 6 week program from start to finish and therefore missing too many rehearsals may be detrimental both to your child and the show.

Q: What happens if my child doesn't get a part?
A: All children who register will be given a part based on the auditions and their rehearsal conflicts.  This is a "no-cut" theater program.

Q: If my child doesn't like his role, can he drop out?
A: Yes, but there will be no refunds, and it could impact the group as a whole.  Often the director will cast a child in a role they she thinks he will be successful in given his audition as well as rehearsal conflicts.  Even if your child has a bigger or smaller role they he would like, being involved in the play is an excellent opportunity for teamwork, team spirit, public speaking, confidence building, etc., and quite honestly, a lot of fun.

Q: Why do I need to be a part of a committee as well as chaperone?  I don't have to do all of that for her other programs.
A: Theater is not a typical enrichment program, where your child attends and you have little to no active involvement. Putting on a school play is a very large undertaking, but with everyone's help on different committees, as well as chaperoning ~2 times, everything comes together for a wonderful experience for all.

Q: Will my child go to every rehearsal?

A: After the first week (of auditions and read-through's) the director will have rehearsal schedules.  We usually know them about a week in advance.  The director will work on certain scenes and not need every child in attendance, which again will be made clear.  


Volunteers Needed for Committees


Costumes: 1 lead, 2-3 members

Pick up costumes from Studio East; organize costumes; hand costumes out; help keep track of costumes before, during and after performances; collect, clean and return costumes


Props: 1-2 members

Pick up props from Studio East; arrange storage at Ella Baker; coordinate props before/after performances; check props back in and return to Studio East (may need to replace anything that might have been broken or missing)


Set: 1 lead, 2 members

Unload and set-up/put together set at Ella Baker; strike down set after final performance and help load van (access to power drill/screwdriver a plus)


Chaperone Coordinator: 1 lead

Coordinate chaperones for rehearsals and performances.  We will need 2 chaperones at each rehearsal (parents are not expected to chaperone at a rehearsal their child is not attending), as well as 2-3 chaperones per performance.  Every parent is expected to chaperone a minimum to 2 times.


Ticket Committee: 4 members

Print, sell, and track tickets and sales


Publicity: 3 members

Print and put up posters and advertisements of show in school and community, including school newsletter, bulletin board, etc.


Advertising: 4 members

talk to any local businesses possibly interested in advertising in program; sell, collect, and produce good luck ads (aka “break a legs”) for programs from family and friends.


Program/Bios: 3 members

Collect, edit and organize bios for actors in program; organize lay-out of program (collecting content from advertising)


Concessions: 1 lead, 2 members

Organize and purchase or collect concession items as well as sell nights of performances


Cast Party/director gifts: 1-2 members

Organize and set/clean up pot-luck cast party after final performance; organize gifts/cards to directors.


Photography: 1 member


Full time chaperone: 5-10

It would be wonderful to have some full time chaperones who commit to the same day or two every week—you’ll get to witness the transformation of the show, and get to know the kids better.





Chairs: Teri Wegner, Dipanwita Sarka & Asha Muralidhar (