SNACK ATTACK - September & February

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PICTURE DAY - September 
Picture Day ID: LS119033Q0
Picture Day: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Picture Retake Day: Thursday, November 4, 2019




Chair: Angela Lee

PTSA hosts bi-monthly lunch/breakfast for beloved staff members using PTSA funds.

In addition, during Staff Appreciation week, different themes will be selected each day to create unforgettable memories and show our ultimate thanks to our wonderful teachers and staff! We have chosen five countries for staff members to taste "cuisine around the world."




Chair: Heather Hent




Chair: Nirali Shah (

Our focus is on improving overall sustainability within the school environment and community by promoting sustainable systems-thinking among students, staff and families; and reducing the school's and PTSA's environmental impact.

We meet monthly with district representatives to advocate for policies to be set across all schools in our district and to learn about best practices that we can apply to our school. In addition, our long-term goal is to help Ella Baker become a sustainable school by following the King Country Green School program. In our first year, we were able to achieve Level 1 (Waste Reduction). This year, we will be focusing on Level 2 efforts (Energy Conservation). We also help support the student Green Team.

Anyone who wants to learn more and/or get involved is more than welcome!




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Food Drive: November 18-26




Chair: Angela Lee

Great thanks to our devoted volunteers, you are the backbone of our PTSA sponsored activities!
PTSA helps gather and organize those that are interested in volunteering in the classroom, Art Docent program, vision and hearing screening, fun run, community events and more!
Interested in volunteering? Complete these steps:
  1. Sign up to volunteer
  2. Get approved by LWSD (Raptor System)
  3. Attend Volunteer orientation on September 17. We will provide basic training for all general volunteers.



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