PTSA helps provide opportunities to help enrich your child's education.


In order to comply with health and safety requirements and to keep students and staff safe we have been asked to pause plans for PTSA-hosted before and after school enrichment programs or PTSA events until we hear from the school and district. In the meantime please check out the free enrichment and coding programs available below!


Students can sharpen their math problem-solving skills though 15 challenges (from Sep 25 through May) covering strategies such as draw a picture/model, make an organized list, look for patterns, and more. This is a great chance for families to enjoy math together as we encourage parents/siblings to get involved.

Get started today...this program is FREE and no sign-up necessary!


  1. Download the current Math Challenge
  2. Submit Solutions Online by the due date posted. Please DO NOT bring your answers to school. Students who finish 11 or more Math Challenges successfully will be awarded with certificates at the end of the school year. For those that submit their solutions online, we will communicate results bi-monthly to parents.
  3. Check Solutions Online - solutions will be available on the solution date by 3pm




A national tournament focusing on math fundamentals and problem-solving skills open to students in Grades 2-6 This year the tournament will be held online. 

This year’s tournament will be held online on Sat., Dec 11, 2021.  
All registered students can start the test anytime between 10am – 5pm on Dec. 11. 

Once students have started the test, they have one hour to complete the test in one sitting. To uphold the integrity of the tournament, we will not release the test questions and answers to registered students until after the tournament has concluded and all registered students have completed the test.  We plan to release the test questions and answers on Dec. 13.

The link for the 2021 MCT students’ registration can be found at

Students from your school can register anytime starting now.  Detail information about the 2021 MCT can be found at:  The MCT Student's registration for general public will be available starting on Oct. 26.  

Please use code 220 when registering to be linked to Ella Baker! Ella Baker will receive 15% of all registration fees using this code. 




We are proud of all our Ella Baker artists and so happy to see so many artists participating in the Reflections program. This year we had two Ella Baker students move on to the state level:

Keya M., Kindergarten - Award of Merit—Literature (Primary)
Vedha T., 4th grade: Award of Merit—Special Artist (Visual Arts)

Congratulations and best of luck to you as you continue in this competition.
You can view a presentation of all Ella Baker participant art submissions here.



Below are some great online educational enrichment resources your child can access for free: – Part of Common Sense Media, this site contains hundreds of high quality online learning resources across all subjects. – fun drawing lessons that are easy to follow and very engaging. - at home activities, curriculum packets and other educational resources focusing on the plants and animals and natural history of Washington. – learn more about the marine mammals of the Puget Sound with these virtual field trips, live webcams, educational videos fact sheets and downloads, coloring sheets, puzzles and more. - video tutorials, print outs and curriculum ideas for creative at home craft making.


These are a great way for students to gain exposure to coding at home with minimal commitment.

  • - A great option for coders of all ages. is an ideal first step for new coders and helps build an understanding of foundational coding concepts that will pave the way for more complex coding in the future!
  • - Available as an app. This coding game is great for your youngest coders. Aims to teach the most fundamental concept in computer programming - “Code is a series of instructions.”
  • MakeCode by Microsoft - Ideal for beginners and experienced coders. MakeCode allows coders to try out a variety of electronics and hardware based coding projects like micro:bit and Lego Mindstorms. Self-guided projects allow students to select block-based coding, Python, or Javascript as their language of choice!
  • Scratch by MIT - Developed by MIT for the purpose of teaching young coders programming, Scratch is a block-based platform that is a great place for students who are ready to start building games and stories on their own!
  • Khan Academy - Developed for older students and experienced coders, Khan Academy’s coding resources will help students learn the essentials of web development and SQL databases. A great starting point for students who are exploring coding as a future career and are eager to dig deeper in their skill development.

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