Welcome to art at Ella Baker!! 

Art is an integral part of a child's learning and it is a true joy to witness the delight in the students’ faces when they see how their clay pieces turn out, or when they complete an art project. We very much hope you will consider volunteering for this truly rewarding program. It allows you the special experience of being directly involved in your child’s classroom, and your child will (in most cases!) absolutely love having you there as well.

Each classroom needs at least 2 art docent volunteers to make this program a success. There is no prior art or clay experience needed to volunteer. All clay lessons are thoroughly planned with step-by-step instructions and videos, and your art docent leads are on hand to provide you with any support you need. Deep Space Sparkle (DSS) lessons are run by your teacher with your support.  

Please be sure you are an approved volunteer in the Lake Washington School District as this is necessary in order to volunteer at the school and to run a clay class: Volunteering in LWSD - Lake Washington School District



Ella Baker Art Docent Handbook

Art Docent Training Slides



Kindergarten: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

1st Grade: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

2nd Grade: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

3rd Grade: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

4th Grade: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

5th Grade: Lesson Plan and Instructional Video

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